ORACLE11G R2 on Windows7 Home Premium – 64bit


1. Download relevant files from Oracle Site…

2. Pre-requisites for the installation

  • Disable firewall and antivirus s/w
  • Install all OS security patches (if any).
  • Windows7 Service pack 1 installed( unable to install without SP)
  • Considerable memory, swap & storage
  • Note: I have seen some people saying without SP they are able to install without any problem.

    3. Extract the two zip files you got from the oracle site into Folder1 & Folder2 respectively – Before installing … copy all the folders in Folder2\database\stage\Components to Folder1\database\stage\components

    Otherwise you will encounter with the following error – File not found : C:\app\product\…\ WFMLRSVCApp.ear during the installation.

    4. Once everything is ready … run the installer program located in Folder1\database\setup.exe

    5. Provide your Metalink details

    6. Choose the Installation Option – I got to choose the second option ‘Install database software only’ – My setup terminated when choosed the first option – Don’t know why, need to investigate that ( My Assumption is it’s a JVM crash…)

    7. Choose the options either for ‘Single instance ‘ or for ‘RAC’ – Ofcourse ours is desktop edition and so … choose ‘Single Instance Database Installation’.

    8. Select the Language on which the product will run – ‘English’ our case –

    9. Choose the kind of Edition you want to install – In our case we are left with the last option – ‘Personal Edition’

    10. Specify Oracle_Base and software location –

    11. Now it checks for ‘Prerequisities for the installation’ –

    Every time i use to get up to this point … and then the installer terminates after this step ….. leaving an error file(hs_err_pidxxxx.log) in users TEMP directory .

    # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:
    #  EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at 
         pc=0x000007fefde82b2a, pid=6648, tid=5076
    VM state:not at safepoint (normal execution)
    VM Mutex/Monitor currently owned by a thread: None...

    To my surprise, when tried again for second attempt it worked fine and able to see the next screen – I came to know that this is a known bug , that has been fixed in JDK 6.0 (b92). Since Oracle11g packed with the JDK5 version, so we will encounter with this bug –

    So another workaround is – installing the latest JDK6 (b92) and pointing JAVA_ARGS to the latest JRE location –

    JAVA_ARGS : -Doracle.installer.jre_loc=C:\new_jdk6_loc\jre6\bin
    ( i didn’t tried this ..)


    13. If everything goes well it starts installing Oracle software ….

    14. Finish the setup .

    15. Once the setup is finished – create the database using the DBCA tool .. —

    So, Oracle11g Release2 on Windows7 installation is almost easy – except that JDK bug – Need to test this on Some Linux flavours as well…….

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    2 Responses to ORACLE11G R2 on Windows7 Home Premium – 64bit

    1. sam says:

      Gopi – Thank you so much ..! It was very helpful.

    2. David Levy says:

      Hi Gopi,

      I am getting the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION and in my case, it is not going away on subsequent attempts. I note that Oracle installer is insisting on using an ancient version of the JDK (1.57 or so) which it apparently unpacks from it’s own installation content, despite the fact I have the most current one installed. Can you give a little more detail on the JAVA_ARGS work-around you mention?


      Gopi Says :
      August 2, 2011 at 8:17 PM

      Hi David,

      1.) By tweaking oraparam.ini file , you can set the JRE location(JRE_LOCATION) of your choice. For more information on oraparam.ini parameters – go thru this link ..

      2.) If Automatic Pre-requisite checking doesnt work, try with silent mode using the option (-ignoreSysPrereqs) on the command line to ignore Pre-requisite checks.

      c:\…\setup.exe -ignoreSysPrereqs

      Hope this helps..

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