Gopi’s Lollipop’s

Here are some Lollipops – they taste ‘YUMMY’ – I bet, you all love it!! – Any doubts? – taste them and let me know how it tastes to you –

Don’t be Witty Always – You got to pay for it –

Sometime back, while i was working in an MNC as a consultant, we encountered a problem and our team resolved it (of course! we have to and that’s why we are there) successfully. One of my colleague(good friend of mine), she didn’t actually get how it has been resolved and asked me for the explanation.

Basically problem revolved around Oracle database, Client proprietary application and network and so somewhat tricky.

I started explained to her how it was resolved and what the root cause was. Seeing her blank face, i imagined she didn’t understand that. So, i started explaining her once again, but her status was same. So, in frustration, i started explaining once again by bending down a little and looking at her knees. Now she was unable to understand my action and asked me “what are doing, Gopi?”. I replied back her saying “I am trying to inject directly to your brain, so that you can understand quickly”. Here, twist is that, she replied me back saying “But, Brain is here laah..” pointing here right hand fore finger to her ‘BRAIN’. Everyone over there busted into laughs and she didn’t understand what’s happening with all of us. Later after sometime someone revealed her what i mean exactly and she turns ‘RED’. From that day onwards, she stopped talking to me and almost avoided me, even tough we belong to the same team.

After 10 days i got courage to approach her and conveyed my apologies. It took sometime( i hope that you understand how much effort i put to make this to happen) to cool her and later she accepted and asked me to pay for that in the form of treat to all the team members. NO WAY I GOT TO ACCEPT THAT – 😦

Now i am no more working in that company, but now and then we use to meet in chat rooms, whenever i remind that incident – she use to say “That was not my day – you humiliated me”. I respond saying “Humiliated ???? that big word ” . “You deserve it – you xxxxx” – her reply.

So friends – Being witty is good, but you must know when to be and when not to be – if you don’t -you got to pay for it.

Don’t Act – Just be what you are ..

Once i got a chance to work in a Multi-Racial/Cultured environment, it was like a good feel, where you can work with various people, race/cultures and traditions. In our group, majority team members belong to one particular culture & tradation (let it be ‘X’). Even our boss belong to that ‘X’ as well. Now and then, our team go out for lunch. All the time they use to go to ‘X’ kind of restaurants (of course they are the majority and we are in democratic world!!!). On very first time i too accompanied with them to show myself that how much i have the respect for other cultures and their tradations. Basically i am a pure vegetarian, and all my other team members can go with non-veg. I took my colleague’s help to order some veggie stuff and really don’t know what she ordered me for. All my team members enjoying their food with full josh, while i am looking at their faces and swallowing that ‘stinky thing’. 😦

While we are returning office, my boss asked me “What Gopi, how was that?”

“Hmmm….” I took a long pause and said “I am Hungry, Henry!!”

As soon as we went to office, i ran to our nearby foodcourt and had my stuff.

From that day onwards, i never acted. If they ask for lunch, i politely say “You please Carry on guys!!!” – It’s that easy, you know.

So, the moral of the story is ‘IF YOU ACT – YOU WILL BE IN TROUBLE !!!’ – a simple ‘NO’ will keep you out of trouble and nobody is going to kill you.

Guys!! If anyone acting over there … Just stop it .. and be like what you are supposed to be…….. True isn’t?

A week in a S/W Professional ‘s Career Life

Have you ever observed working professionals (esp. Software) on week days. If not, have a try.

On Monday’s , they seem to be very serious and not approachable. It is their busiest day in the week. Seriously working on something(ofcourse!! related to work) as if the world is going to end in next second.

Tuesday, second day of the week, can see some smile on their faces and somewhat cool( not much). But still not good to approach.

Wednesday, this is the day when they appear very cool and it is the good time to approach.

Thursday, the second busiest day of the week, they rush to complete the tasks assigned. They don’t understand why their boss assign new tasks on Thursdays. This is the day they always think “still one more day to go!!”.

Friday, they consider this day as ‘Free Day’ – they keep themselves free on this day. Whatever the work assigned on that day will be postponed to the next week. Keeps on watching the clock that mounted on the office wall and thinking when it is going to tick 5.

Starting from Friday evening to Sunday evening, they enjoy either actively or lazily and as the Sunday evening passes, they realise one thing “tomorrow is Monday” and the Mysterious thing which they never understand even today is ‘why a monday always follow a sunday?’

So, If you don’t observe till now – have a try and let me know what you observed?

Use my Brain or not ?

Interviewer : Your expected seems to be high -
Candidate   : i don't think so Sir, i'm worthy of whatever 
              i am asking for, furthermore, Quality costs, Sir
Interviewer : Even then, it seems to be high
Candidate   : If you don't mine - Can I express my doubt, Sir?
Interviewer : Sure - go ahead.
Candidate   : In the work, do i need to use my brain or not?
Interviewer : what do you mean?
Candidate   : Don't think otherwise Sir, if i use it,then you got 
              to pay for it. if not - i will be ok with your package.

Now – Sure, you can guess what the fate of this ‘Candidate’ is ? Right –

Sometimes you know, we cannot express what we are supposed to – in this ****** world!!!!!


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